Welcome to Pasos!

We’re a Canadian owned, with a female at the helm; who values diverse culture, authentic handcrafted goods, and sustainability.
Pasos offers multi-purpose bags to carry your essentials when you are out and about. We also offer a collection of curated accessories for you and your home.

What is especial about Pasos?

Glad you asked. Our bags are made of handwoven fabrics. These fabrics, made from sheep wool and alpaca fibers, are dyed naturally in both vibrant and earthly colors.
The designs and vibrant colors of the Peruvian textile are centuries old representations of the natural environment and demonstrate the inspiration of indigenous artisans. Each design is unique to the region where the textile is woven.
We support artisans! We empower women!


Each bag is individually crafted by hand by an artisan family. A family can specialize in one specific design, therefore, when you buy from us you will know exactly which family made your lovely accessory; since we believe the final product is as important as its origins.
The weavers come from the rural areas around Cusco – the capital of the Incas. Other artisan groups live in different communities of Ayacucho, Huancayo, Puno and Cajamarca, inside the borders of Peru.
We pride ourselves in working directly with artisans, championing Fair-Trade standards. Artisans get paid living wages, instead of forced or child labor, and work in a safe environment. This is the only way we can guarantee 100% authenticity of each product as we continue to build trust among our customers.


Erika has always been influenced by the success her father had running and operating his own company for over 40 years. Growing up with entrepreneurialism in her blood, and a passion for fashion she knew one day she would follow his steps. Born and raised in Lima, Erika studied Communication Science with a master in Journalism.
A former journalist, she traveled her beloved Peru extensively. As a journalist, she witnessed firsthand the beauty of “Peru, the richest country in the world”, and the warmth of its people; whose minimalist approach to life always left Erika in awe.
In following her love for travel and adventure, she emigrated solo to Canada at the age of 24. The journey of an immigrant is not easy and Erika, being so young, struggled with loneliness and rejection due to her lack of local experience, knowledge of the English language, and family members to support her in the new land.
However, she also discovered new passions in the new land, and actually met whom today is her husband. The family lives in British Columbia with their two kids.
Fast forwarding to 2021, she established Pasos Fashion Co. and launched her first online store.
The name Pasos comes from Erika’s Hispanic heritage meaning ‘Steps’. Erika believes the steps in a person’s journey determines their destiny. Her own migrating journey of over five thousand miles, the distance between Peru and Canada, also started with one important step!
Pasos philosophy is dedicated to creating authentic artisan crafted bags for everyday use and connecting our Canadian client to these crafts, while empowering women of the artisanal communities to be self- sustained.
Erika, founder of Pasos and curator of Pasos collections.