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Pasos Canada

Crossbody Nataly

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Inspired by a festival of Andean colors, this purse was designed by Peruvian designer Nataly Huaco using “golones”. The word golones refers to its making: golon, a twill tapestry weave.

Material: Sheep wool, cotton, organic dyes

The process: The band is woven on a narrow belt loom, the brightly-colored geometric patterns created by using multiple heddles for raising the warp threads in twill weave. The weft packs down over the warp as the geometric patterns are made in tapestry style, thus making a very sturdy and durable band.


  • Handmade golones
  • Includes a quality removable chain strap with metal buckles.

Care instructions:
Handmade products require special care.

  • Hand wash in cool water
  • Use gentle detergent or baby shampoo
  • Let it sit for no more than 5 minutes
  • Rinse in clear water of the same temperature
  • Leave to drain in the sink
  • Allow to air dry

***Please note that color variations and slight imperfections are normal in handmade items.